Monday, January 6, 2014



This is a crop from an image that I worked on some months back. I think I prefer this rendering.

I was looking at a web site that I frequent this morning, and found validation to my understanding of allowing my photographs time to evolve. What I mean is that I need to visit and revisit a particular image prior to printing and sharing it. Almost every time that I allow an image to "ripen" I am surprised and pleased with what I find in the mature image.

I have yet to print any images from my November trip. Every time I look at my potential prints, I do a little tweaking to some aspect of them. I usually make a virtual  copy, make my changes and then compare that with the previous version(s) in the print module of Light Room. I use the print view because I like seeing the image as if it were matted. For whatever reason that really helps me see the print as it will look on paper.

My monitors are calibrated so I trust what I see on the screen.

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