Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ganesha, or The Elephant Tree, 2011

I am finding that the essence of my work incorporates the notion that I must work, work, and work some more on almost all of my images. I think that my workflow is similar to that of painters. When I photograph I have a general idea of the  type of image that I am seeking to capture with my camera. Sometimes I have a very clear notion of what I am seeking, and other times I have more of a general idea. Either way, I still must incorporate my technical knowledge and skills so that I may capture an image that is close to what I see or visualize.

In post production work on the computer, I do my initial work and screening. Usually I need to sit with an image for awhile. I often work some more on the image, and leave and return to it several times before I feel that I actually have what I am seeking. This is where the aspects of interpretation continue the strongest. It is here that I decide how I feel the mood of the piece needs to reveal itself. It is in post production that I can decide to create a black and white or monochromatic interpretation, and it is here where I feel that art meets craft.

I think that many of my images emit their own sense of presence. I think that they become an interpretation that is not so easily defined, and that they convey a sense of mystery. I will say that not every one of my images do that, but more and more I am finding that if I step aside, and allow the image to reveal itself that something else does indeed happen.