Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seeing in Black and White

Pilings at the Arcata Marsh

I was selecting some photographs to enter in a show, and came across this image. I think I took it in late December. I processed it in color, but decided to look at it in black and white. I liked the mood that doing so created, and decided to print it.  It was fun to process the image after the conversion in Lightroom. There are many more options available for my processing in the digital darkroom than what I had in the wet lab. I think that I now can develop the image to my vision more so than ever before. This allows more room for me to interpret the image to that of my vision.

I think I let go of my black and white eyesight somewhere around 1994, and focused on color ever since. Now it is all falling back into place. I am recognizing that there is a very important place for black and white photography in my portfolio. I intend to do more.

Pilings at the Arcata Marsh December 2010