Friday, May 7, 2010

Night Prayers

I am fully actualizing and manifesting the reality that I am here now. I awoke at four this morning having just completed a very clear and powerful dream wherein I was fully connected with Spirit. The attitude that I was in was like what I imagine lamas experience when they get to higher states of meditation. I truly felt that I was in the Presence of the Divine. That state carried with me as I ventured out into the dark and quiet of the early morning. I stood in the cool night air as the light from distant stars bathed my being with their ancient light. I felt like I was taking a shower in pure love. Visions and revelations saturated my soul. I accepted that the knowledge that I was receiving was of the highest and purest Truth that I had ever known - a true state of rapture and bliss.

I won’t share what was revealed, because it is not important that I do so here. I will say that the truths revealed to me came as no surprise. It is as if I had always known these things, but I was always reluctant to accept them because I was not ready to believe these truths that church and society had worked so very hard to hide.

What I will share is that I understand why I needed to go through what I did last week (see earlier postings). I needed to be free of my busy mind and ego so that I could be at a place where I would be free to receive Spirit. That plus my commitment to make this truly be a three week meditation opened the door for me to receive this blessing.

I fully get why it doesn’t matter that my preferred access to Spirit is through my Christian and Buddhist experiences. I get too that I am free to embrace my pathway to God which is one that is free of the spiritual tyranny of organized religion. I understand now, more than ever, that the most important work that I can do is to work toward the end of manifesting my own fullness of being. In so doing I truly can participate in creating The Kingdom of Heaven.

I decided to drive to Las Vegas, NM so that I could photograph in the early morning light. I had already surveyed the shots that I wanted in this lighting earlier this week so I knew exactly where to be when the sun rose. As I started photographing I experienced oneness with the camera and the subjects. This is not a new feeling to me, but today I was as open as I think I ever have been. I don’t know if the photographs will reveal any of this over the ones I shot last night or earlier this week, but that doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is that I was able to put aside my need to buy the best camera, and my need to engage in matters of the world via Face Book. Instead I fulfilled the act of being Thomas Allen Bethune – fully present.

I can truly say that for today, May 7, 2010 I up to this point, have been the most ego-free that I have ever been. For that I give thanks. It likely will be different when I get back to my routine, but it is my experience that these spiritual advances will mostly stay in place.