Monday, February 21, 2011

Vernal Reflections

Vernal Reflections Study in Black and White, near Freshwater Lagoon 2011

I feel as if I am finally closing in on some successful images of red alder trees. I've been studying these for years and years, photographing them first with my trusty old Korona 4"x5" view camera, and then with the Mamiya 645 roll film camera. I never felt that I got the dynamic range, and thus the prints that I visualized when I took the photographs.

That has all changed. Yesterday when I was at Prairie Creek, and Freshwater Lagoon, I was able to capture the images that for years had eluded my abilities. I just now printed this one, and one other that I took yesterday. These images on the internet are only representations of what the prints look like. They really need to be seen in person, but at least these will give you a general idea of their aesthetics.

I have a couple of shows coming up this year, and many of these prints will be exhibited at those. I will be at the Senior Resource Center for the month of July, and at the F Street Foto Gallery in August and September. Both galleries are in Eureka.