Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mad River Toll House, July, 2012

This is the summer without any sun - at least so far. We sometimes get a break about an hour before sunset. That is when I found this light the other evening.

I suppose that I should not complain. Half of the county is in drought conditions, crops are failing, and people are dying in the heat. Just a few days ago we had over an inch of rain on Fickle Hill. Our lawns are still green, yet we did not water them.

I am attempting to find the silver lining (maybe I can Photoshop it in) to all this, but the gray is getting to me. Perhaps I need a road trip.

The house in the photo above is the same house I photographed about twenty years ago in B&W with my old Mamiya 645. I still have a print of that photo somewhere. In that composition there was a picket fence and a nice deciduous tree in the front yard.