Monday, January 17, 2011

Low Winter Ambitions

The Arcata Creamery Building 2011

This has been a slow time for me. I am getting out and doing some photography, but not as often as I normally do. Perhaps the very rainy weather in December cooled my ambitions, but now that there are more clear days I would think that I would be getting out there.

Blue Sky

I took this photograph about two weeks ago. I just got to playing with it in Lightroom. I stumbled on a method of removing the color (blue) from the sky to achieve a color-on-black and white look. I really am drawn to the sky, and I think the gray works.

I have been printing, and I framed several new pieces recently. I think I have a couple of shows coming up soon, and I will post information about them here and on Face Book when I have the dates.