Monday, April 26, 2010

I started my twenty day walking meditation today.

I am house sitting in New Mexico very near Santa Fe. I started the day by setting the intention of making the most of this opportunity to contemplate, actualize and expand my vision.

There really is something special about living in a huge house all alone. I am free of the home owner type of cares, and I only have to take care of two cats and some plants. There is nobody to talk to, nor are there any co-decisions to be made. I prepare what I want to eat, sit where I wish, allow the house to grow dark after sunset without turning on the lights, and I can chant, sing, or be perfectly quiet.

I was gifted with information, by a local, of a very remote and obscure church that is pretty well off of the beaten path. It took awhile to find, and once I was there I had it and its environment completely to my self. My photographs don’t carry the feeling of that place. There is a church, but no town – just a church, a picnic area and a cemetery.

There are aspens there, and they pretty much all have “living” pictographs on there trunks. These were created over the years by carving on the trunks. As the tree matures the figures and words change into something else. The images remind me of the transitory nature of our own lives.

I think that for generations family and friends of the Tapia’s gathered here to worship, and to bury their dead. It is a place that is truly holy ground. I was allowed a sample of that divinity with the strong feeling of Spirit.

Tomorrow I will gallery sit at the gallery where my photographs are hanging. I will start preparing to hang a new show of up to a dozen images. Most of them are of Arcata. It seems backward that I am currently photographing Santa Fe, and showing Arcata. Maybe I will have some images from this trip to hang here for the holidays.

I acknowledge that this is a unique opportunity for me to practice a deeper form of spiritual contemplation.