Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Former Southern Pacific EMD GP9 Number 3778

This locomotive and four other "Geeps" sit rotting away near the former office of the Northwestern Pacific in Eureka. I think they have been sitting here for about twenty years, and it is highly unlikely that they will ever roll under their own power again.

I understand that decay is a natural process. My body emphasizes that to me on a daily basis. Still, I am saddened that these locomotives are in this state. Part of my feelings derive from the fact that about forty years ago I made my maiden trip as an engineer on a unit just like this one, and that first trip was for me the apex of my railroading experience. That trip on the Pixley Local was as good as it ever was for me.

I am unsure of the locomotive's number that I operated that evening,  but it likely could have been the 3778.