Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gas Pumps

Pioneer Village, Bakersfield 2010
I cannot really explain why I like to take pictures of what I do, and I realize that my images are not always ones that everyone will appreciate. I don't try to exhibit a style - I just do what I do. I have the freedom to do just that. I always appreciate it when someone lets me know that they like my photographs, but I am not compelled to make images that will generate praise.
Pioneer Village, Bakersfield, 2010. I first photographed this scene about 1972.

Here it is in B & W. I originally shot it in Plus X.

Post Processing

Eucalyptus Trees Between Arcata and Eureka Veteran's Day 2010
I find that I need to spend some time "living" with images after I load them into the computer before I can even realize which ones I will print. My process of image selection is similar to what it was when I used film. Only there needn't be much of a time lag for me to see the "negatives".

When I first looked at this image the other day, I immediately posted it to this blog as it came from the camera. The next day I looked at it some more, and realized that the image did not fully convey what I saw when I took it. It still does not.  What it now conveys is what I interpreted the image to be. Not what the camera saw, and not exactly what I wanted to see, but an interpretation of all the above. Anyhow, this image makes me happy. Compare it to how it looked the other day.