Thursday, May 6, 2010

Early Morning at Lamy, New Mexico

Being free of any schedule or commitments surely has its rewards, and maybe a few drawbacks, but it is how I am mostly operating these days. I am committed to a daily practice of Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga and meditation, but that is about it. The rest is entirely up to me. I don’t have to take in the best restaurants. I’m not compelled to check out all the galleries, nor am I feeling any pressure to experience New Mexico beyond what I am doing now.

I am free of the things that needed to be addressed last week. I am off of Face Book, and I am leaving the issue of purchasing a camera until later. I now feel a lightness of being, yet I feel grounded and focused. I eat when I am hungry, sleep when I feel sleepy, and photograph every day.

I awoke just a bit too late this morning to catch the early morning sunshine at Las Vegas, but I did have enough time to go to Lamy. I thought that I had pretty well exhausted the photographic opportunities at Lamy, but I was wrong. I greeted the sunrise with my tripod, camera and presence. My mind was free of all thoughts, and I was just there (I am still present as I write this). I think some magic happened, and I recorded some of it with the camera.

I suppose that the lesson for the day is that plans or not, I may experience fullness of being by allowing/cultivating Presence. I am becoming free of the need to fulfill any wish list that I may have made prior to arriving in New Mexico, or of any list I may have made the night before.

I realize that this format may not work every where and every day in my normal life, but for the duration of this three-week venture is suits the bill just fine. That said I still intend to get to Las Vegas for a morning shoot before next week comes and goes.