Monday, November 29, 2010

Sneaker Waves

Surf Number One

All day yesterday as I was photographing, I used the tripod. I almost always do. I think I really got started with the tripod while using my old Korona four-by-five. My serious and thoughtful style pretty much requires that I do so. Sometimes I just cut loose, and go hand-held. That is what I did yesterday as I decided to chase the surf. Well the surf chased me, and I barely got away from one wave. I really had to run as fast as I can to protect my shoes and maybe my camera from a salt water dousing.

This photograph is of the next wave. I am presenting it in two perspectives. The more pastel looking image is as it came from the camera, and the other was worked by me in Lightroom.  Thoughts?

Surf Number Two

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Beautiful Place to Live

Stone Lagoon at Sunset

I went photographing with my buddy Marc Chaton today. We photographed at Prairie Creek and at Stone Lagoon. I think Marc got some really nice shots of some mushrooms. I spent more time on Elephant Tree, and will review the photographs to see if I have any keepers. I do kind of like this landscape. I wish I would have made a panorama of it though (that gives me an opportunity to go there again).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Printing Photographs

Third Eye, Arcata 2010

I did some printing yesterday and today. I am inspired to print images with the goal in mind of producing an exhibit. I think that the images that I have been taking of buildings in Arcata have a certain essence of spirit. I think that this and other images reveal some of the magic that is hidden in plain sight.

At the Alibi, Arcata 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Reserved Number One, Eureka, November 14, 2010
I went out to Eureka this morning to catch the rising sun's light on the city. Well it did shine on Arcata, but not Eureka. Rather than chase the light, I just started working. I took many of my "normal" building portraits, and slowly got into the flow. I was photographing the Commercial Building when I saw these images. These are my favorite three of this series I will call Reserved.

Reserved Number Two, Eureka, November 14, 2010

 I was talking with my buddy Marc awhile back about the value of receiving some feedback about our images. I think that I don't always pick the best of the litter when I review my images. I would love it if someone would pick their favorite from these and others that I post.

I have not figured out how to enable the blogging software to allow me to post higher resolution images on my blog. These images, as posted are not much more than thumbnails.

Reserved Number Three, Eureka, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gas Pumps

Pioneer Village, Bakersfield 2010
I cannot really explain why I like to take pictures of what I do, and I realize that my images are not always ones that everyone will appreciate. I don't try to exhibit a style - I just do what I do. I have the freedom to do just that. I always appreciate it when someone lets me know that they like my photographs, but I am not compelled to make images that will generate praise.
Pioneer Village, Bakersfield, 2010. I first photographed this scene about 1972.

Here it is in B & W. I originally shot it in Plus X.

Post Processing

Eucalyptus Trees Between Arcata and Eureka Veteran's Day 2010
I find that I need to spend some time "living" with images after I load them into the computer before I can even realize which ones I will print. My process of image selection is similar to what it was when I used film. Only there needn't be much of a time lag for me to see the "negatives".

When I first looked at this image the other day, I immediately posted it to this blog as it came from the camera. The next day I looked at it some more, and realized that the image did not fully convey what I saw when I took it. It still does not.  What it now conveys is what I interpreted the image to be. Not what the camera saw, and not exactly what I wanted to see, but an interpretation of all the above. Anyhow, this image makes me happy. Compare it to how it looked the other day.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Midway Drive In Theater

The last time I photographed the Midway's screen was about thirty years ago. It is amazing to me that this screen is still standing. The "Y" is pretty well gone from "Midway", but otherwise it seems the same to me. My previous work was done in black and white. I painted one of my prints with photo oils. I think I have a slide of it somewhere.

I just watched a documentary on Ansel Adams. It was well done, and I learned a lot about him and myself. It seems that by the time he was my age he had slowed down, and did not have the drive of his youth. One of the people interviewed thought that his earlier work was his best.

I hope this is not true for me. I know that I am slower then I used to be, but I like to think that I still have the vision, and that my maturity will permeate my images like a nice marinade.

Midway Sunset