Thursday, March 8, 2012



I took this photograph yesterday at the pond just past Freshwater Lagoon.  I think it works very well as a color shot of the reflected alder trees. I just do not think that it cuts it as a piece of art.

I do believe that great looking color photographs have their place. I am willing to bet that most people like something like this photograph over some of my more "moody" works. This is the type of photograph that may be found in certain publications, but it honestly does not convey the emotion that I felt there.

I do not wish to take any thing away from those photographers that take wonderful, and picture-perfect landscapes. I doubt that I can equal what they do. Many of their images bring the viewer (me) to their viewpoint. The problem for me is that they do not bring me into the image. I want to feel compelled to go inside the image - to have it speak to my soul. I want to feel goose-pimples, and lose my desire to ask the artist "how did you do this, and what camera did you use".

Somewhere in this argument there is a trail that leads to the question of soul. I ask "is there something of the artist in the image, or is it just a good rendering of a scene?" I hope this little ramble does not detract from this image. I like it, but it really does not move me. What does it do for you?