Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Arcata and Eureka Projects

I started working on documenting the cities of Eureka and Arcata in 2009 by recommencing my photographic work on the NorthCoast Railroad. Previously, I photographed the railroad on and off from 1980 through about 1995 with film.

In January of this year I started taking photographs (portraits) of the storefronts and businesses of downtown Arcata.

I almost always take the images in the pre-dawn and sunrise hours. I have been following the sunrise's ever changing angle as it strikes the faces of my subjects. I very recently started working in downtown Eureka. There are images that I have noted for years, and am now going about capturing.

                               The Arcata Car Wash, Arcata 2010

These morning ventures are my primary link to the magic that was created in Santa Fe. I am also experiencing great joy by hosting our two granddaughters, Sydney and Alexis. They are very nice company, and are quite entertaining.

Alexis and Sydney at Wedding Rock, Patrick's Point State Park

Here is a shot that Sydney took completely on her own.