Monday, January 28, 2013


Industrial Switching in a Make Believe World

I do not think that I shared this photo yet. It reminds me of the many safe places that I created in my youth. I created safe places so that I could escape into a place of my fantasies, and leave reality behind. I was often accused of being a day-dreamer, and I know now that I was indeed.

I was not given the tools that would have helped me make my way among my peers in school. I was not encouraged in sports, and did not know how to hold my own with other kids. I did figure out how to escape by imersing myself in books and in play.

This photograph is my creation. The scenery is not. This layout is part of a model train layout that others built. I was invited to create some compelling images of the layout, and this is one example.

This takes me back to when I was a boy of ten and as an adult in my twenties. I dreamed of railroading as a ten-year old and I became one when I was eighteen.