Monday, February 4, 2013


Redwood Bark, 2013

Fortunately, there are places still where one may retire to the deeper recesses of the forest. We have numerous places where to do so is possible, and many are within a one-hour drive from where I live.

I live in a redwood forest. Our property borders the Arcata Community Forest. It is mostly a second-growth forest, and ours is too. I go out there at least twice a week when I walk the dog. I go out there to photograph as well, and sometimes I go there just because I like being there.

As nice as our woods are, they pale in comparison to the old-growth forests. The differences are somewhat easy to grasp if one only considers scale. There is more to it than that. The old growth forest and its individual member trees give a sense of presence that colors one's mood. Loud voices hush to whispers, and a feeling of deep joy may arise within one's soul. At least that is what happens to me.

I hope that some of that comes through with these images that I share here.