Friday, January 31, 2014


I realized earlier this week that a small gallery at the RAA was not being utilized by anyone. I thought it that was a shame to have an empty room in an otherwise full gallery, so I secured the space. I hung a show today in gallery number two.

There are three primary themes within the room. One of them is about the interplay of the ocean and sand. These images represent an ongoing theme for me. I consider what I see in this give-and-take of two of our primary elements - earth and water whenever I photograph at the beach.

The second theme is more on the essence of what I sense from some of the trees of our coastal and redwood forests. It is common to salute and honor the giant trees in our area, and I do almost daily, but there are other elements of the forest that I feel that are unique unto themselves. Perhaps I can succeed in sharing some of that with these images.

I represent the third theme with one image. It stands alone because it represents our prairies and the vastness of our sky. Here on the north coast, we are not always surrounded with the forest, and there are places where one does not hear the sounds of the ocean.

Manifestation at Low Tide
There are other aspects to this marvelous area that many of us call home, and I realize that it will take more than my lifetime to explore all of it.


The Mummy Bert at the South Spit
I am hanging a last minute exhibition today at the RAA Gallery in Eureka. I printed this photograph yesterday as I wanted to include something new and related to the other images. I am taking down the marsh exhibit today, and using some of those in the new show. I think this show will have a water theme.