Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Early Morning Trolling

Lloyd Building
I went out again today, and spent some time with the Lloyd Building. There were cars in the lot, and so some of my possible shots were blocked by autos. Therefore, I had to work around them, and I think I got close to getting something that I may call a keeper. At least I am not tossing these back into the water - yet.

Eureka Theater

I am slowly getting an idea of what I am looking for at the Eureka Theater. The image above is heading the right direction. A subsequent image came closer, but still not quite "it".

The Eureka Theater

This image shows the range that the 17 mm lens has. I am using lots of rise in this shot, and have not really worked the edges.

I should state here that many of the images that I place in the blog are works in progress, and not necessarily final prints. I think by sharing these in this manner, I offer an insight to my process.

I am still pondering the idea that these photographic outings are for me walking meditations. I am not looking for a photograph - at least I am not thinking about finding a specific photograph. My process is more intuitive.  I think my process is more like our dog Sadie's when she goes for a walk. She does not think about where she is going, but she pays close attention to her nose. She follows scents, and sometimes stops and really takes in particular smells. That is how it is for me as I photograph. I don't think about what I am looking for. Yes, I do have an idea of what or where I am going to shoot, but sometimes as I am walking toward a predetermined spot I "smell" a completely different photographic opportunity.

Lloyd Building and Parking Meters

Wash Dry Here

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

Yesterday I went to the marina to buy some tuna from the skipper of one of the boats. While I waited for the crew to prep my order I grabbed a couple of shots. This one is my "catch of the day".

It is almost seven in the morning, and it looks like it is clear weather, so I am going back to Eureka for the sunrise lighting.