Friday, January 4, 2013


Baggage Cart at Lamy Station, 2010

I worked on two variations of this image, and ultimately settled on this the full-frame image. The camera I used for this image was my all time favorite - my old Sony R1.

I shared my thoughts about that camera a couple of years back. The main issue that I had with it was its extremely slow write speeds. Once I started shooting in the "raw" format, the camera became very slow. I read recently that if one took two images in rapid succession that the buffer would be full, and the camera unusable for about nine seconds. So if I were shooting a landscape in HDR and needing three shots in rapid succession, this camera could not deliver. I tried over and over. What would happen is that the clouds would move so much between the three shots that it became a problem later when I was working to assemble them as an HDR image. Nowadays, there are software solutions to at least part of the problem.

I did not have that problem with this image because it was a single shot, and I had shot it in the raw format so that there is plenty of information available for me to work with. I think this photograph shows that.