Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hanging My Show

Today Kelly Lyons, The Gallery Director, and I hung my new show at Gallery Chartreuse in down town Santa Fe. This show includes three main bodies of work, representing my work over the past twelve months. The first body of work is comprised of pieces that I shot at Lamy, New Mexico. This body of work includes two subjects, the Lamy Church and the Lamy train station. I think that these photographs could be described more as conventional studies. I do believe that my unique vision and life experiences with religion and with railroads add to that convention. The net result is that they convey my depth of understanding for my subjects.

The next group is of work I have been doing in Arcata. It includes a portrait of a local bar, and some closer studies. I think that with this group of photographs, the subjects reveal some of their secrets and hidden beauty. These also reveal more about who I am. I know that I transcended my mind jabber while photographing in the early morning hours in downtown Arcata. These became the product of a walking meditation and to me they start to express a description of the unknown that may only be reached in deep meditations.

The third group of images is a trio of pictures from what I titled my Spirit Tree Series. It includes two images from 2009 and one from this year. These images best describe what it is that I see and feel when I am in the present. I saw similar images in my travels through Prairie Creek State Park for years, but I never could “capture” them until recently. I suspect that I just was not ready until then.

I have a solo image of The Buddha’s Feet. It is from 2008, and I think in many ways acts as the “Presence” for the gallery.