Tuesday, June 19, 2012



I simply forgot to enter anything into the Images of Water show at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. I intended to enter this piece along with another selection or two - oh well.

I think that I have come along in my effort of freeing my ego from the attachments that I had placed on the value that judges place on my photographs. Perhaps by not entering something, I released myself from any expectations that I otherwise would have held. The trick for me is going to be to not project any fantasies about how my work would have done had I remembered to enter the juried show.

The above photograph is not a new comer to this blog. I am showing it again because I have worked on it some more, and I think it is now finished. I have not shown it yet, but I think I will hang it in the space I have at the Morris Graves. I do believe that I "nailed" the sky.