Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wind Swept, Patrick's Point State Park, 2010

I feel humble. I am associating with some really marvelous artists. That any of these local artists will have anything to do with me is something I find to be very rewarding. My association with painters, photographers, sculptures and curators is becoming an ever widening circle. My eyes are treated to a tremendous amount of creativity, and most of it is right here in Humboldt County.

I think one of the best things that I ever did for my art, was to join the Redwood Art Association. Thorough the RAA's venues, I was afforded public gallery space in which to present my work. And through the RAA I received valuable feedback on my photography. I am sure that my work has hung in at least a dozen RAA shows over the course of the past three years.

Last year I joined the Humboldt Arts Council, The Eureka Photoshop Users Group, and the Redwood Camera Club. I feel that my association with these groups is, each in their own way, just as valuable as my association with the RAA.

I currently have a space in the downstairs of the Morris Graves Museum of Art where examples of my work that  are on display. I am honored that I was accepted as a featured artist in their space for retail art.

My experience with the Redwood Camera Club or RCC, is one that is very important to my development as an artist. There are some very talented photographers in that group, and they seem to be very willing to share their expertise with newcomers like me. I look forward to each meeting and critique.

I must also mention the Eureka Photoshop Users Group. I value the level of the presentations, and I feel that my skills within my craft are growing as a result of what I glean from each session. I look forward to each session.

What my title refers to is that I am learning like crazy. I am having a wonderful time honing my skills, learning new aspects of my art, and establishing friendships. All-in-all a pretty cool way to spend my "golden years".