Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Say I Am You


I worked with local musician and storyteller, Seabury Gould on  a video project to promote his new CD Let that musician finish this poem, Poetry of Rumi. It was a fun project to do. We shot two videos at Prairie Creek State Park, and the location was right at the base of a wonderful grove of trees that I like to call the "elephant trees".  This was fun in that we were able to record Fortune's Wheel on location. I think we got away with doing a live recording because there was little to no wind, and very few other people. We would have had more difficulty during the summer season. For Say That I Am You we played a boom box, and Seabury lip-synced the words. For the flute he actually played along with the CD. That was really fun because the sound of the flute carried around the meadow, and I think a few other folks were treated to the sounds of the flute as it floated across the meadow.

Here is a link to my YouTube site and to these videos.