Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week

Moon Rise at Prairie Creek

I had a fun and interesting Wednesday. I spent the afternoon with a reporter from The Voice of America. He is in Humboldt County to do stories on Betty Chinn and about the local area. I sort of just walked into the situation, and soon became a tour guide for the reporter. His name is Jeff Shu.

The Elephant Tree taken in total darkness at ISO 6400

I took him to the lagoons, and to Prairie Creek State Park to show him the wild Elk and the giant redwoods. I took him to my favorite tree - "The Elephant Tree". He was shooting a video travelogue, and soon had me wired for sound, and was video taping me. I found out immediately that I don't like being the subject. I much prefer being the videographer or photographer.

We stayed out until quite late so that we could catch the moonrise over the giant redwoods. I think he got some nice video, and I will be curious to see if any of it is actually used in a report.

I spoke with Thupten yesterday. As of then he still was unable to access his bank account. I gave him some information that may help him establish his right to access the funds. He does think that once he has money that he will be able to purchase most of what he needs. Right now he is borrowing money to feed his family. For what ever reason the military is no longer supplying food.

I thank everyone who has contributed funds and prayers for Thupten. As soon as we know if Thupten can get to the money we sent we will  then know what we need to send (thank you for your trust in me to do the right thing for them). We all agree that it is best if he can buy items there because of the expense of shipping from here (the second package still has not arrived - I suspect that it went by surface mail instead of air). The really good news is that their spirits were lifted by the package that did make it to them. They received shoes, clothing, jackets and toiletries. All of which made them feel loved and not forgotten.

I will post an update when I hear back from Thupten. The phone system and his access to it are limited at best, so I may not know for awhile.