Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gallery Sitting

Today started out rather early. I was awake by five, but was reluctant to let go of the wonderful dreams that were still with me. I don’t recall that much of them now as I sit in the gallery. I do recall that they were of a spiritual nature, and that they were instructional in how to apply the lessons that lead to egoic freedom.

It is being demonstrated to me that there is great truth to the principle that what we feed our mind will affect our greater consciousness. I am denying my habits of playing video games and watching television while I am on this solo quest in New Mexico. In the short time that I have been out here I all ready see and feel the difference. Instead of the normal inputs I am feeding myself visually by taking in the essence of Santa Fe and its surroundings. I feed my mind by reading The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen a book full of wonderful accounts of trekking in the Himalaya, and the author’s interpretation of Buddhist spiritual truths. I feed my soul by practicing my Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, and with my meditations/prayers. I feed the artist by visiting galleries, and by the act of photographing.

I realize that my vision, mind, artist, physical body and soul are all richer because of the fact that I am consciously working toward clear and established goals of enrichment. All these components of my being are being nurtured so that the composite being is becoming better balanced. It seems to me that the higher goal is for me to fully integrate my composite being – to more fully manifest my true essence – that which was created in God’s image.

So I am sitting here in Gallery Chartreuse. I am filling in as the attendant for the day. I have the door open and through it sunlight and bird songs are pouring in. Hopefully I will have some sunset photography opportunities later in the day when I finish here.