Sunday, April 15, 2012



I do not have much to say about this image other than I was compelled to take it. I do think there are some nice geometric elements to the composition. I took several other compositions of these subjects, but I think this best fulfills my vision.

I photographed The Eureka Inn tonight. There was only one vehicle in front of it, and I was able to work around it. I used the 17mm PC lens to "shift" my way through a panorama of the inn. I did that by rotating the lens 90 degrees in its holder so that the rise becomes the shift. That allowed me to start my series of three shots with the lens shifted all the way to the right edge of the subject. I took that shot, shifted the lens to its mid point, took the next shot, and shifted all the way to the left where I got the shot of the left third of the inn.

I will attempt to stitch the shots in Photoshop. I never had much luck stitching, but I suppose it is time for me to learn how to get it right. I will post the shots as I work them.