Friday, March 9, 2012



This image is one possible interpretation of yesterday's photograph. I think that I will work on it next in color, but I just had to look at it in tinted black and white. If you look back to my entry of four days ago, you can see that this photograph is of the same subject. I took this one from a slightly different location, but they are very close.

The reason I went back to this particular scene is that I want to be sure that I have fully done the scene justice. In the past, I thought that I mostly get the composition right the first time. I still beleive that, but I think I must see if there is a barrier that I need to overcome. The only way that I can think of to do so is try, and try again.

Part of the process of "trying again" is in the post production work. I feel that my skills in developing digital negatives is at the level that my old darkroom skills were when I was working on a regular basis. I think that in some aspects of photography that my "darkroom" skills surpass those of the "wet" darkroom days.

It is my intent to share one more version of this photograph in the next few days. Meanwhile I am going back up there today before the rains come back for an extended stay tomorrow.