Sunday, April 24, 2011

Working in Lightroom

I worked on this image in Lightroom, and I think I improved it a bit. Click on the image for a larger view.

Hand Held Twilight Photos, and Why I Love IS

I took these images while on a walk in a redwood forest at Kneeland.   

The sun had set, and it was overcast. I set the camera to ISO 6400.

The high ISO and the lenses image-stabilization allowed for me to do close-up and telephoto shots in the near dark evening.

I recall the shutter speed being around 1/40 second. I had the lens open to f4.
This capability for hand-held photography is one that I don't often use. I almost always use a tripod and an ISO (ASA for all the old school types) of around 100. I grew up on Plus X and Panatomic X films, and D-76 1:1 developer for fine grain images, but never in the past did I think that I would hand hold an f4 lens in twilight, and get these kind of images. What a joy.

The sun was still in the sky when I took this shot. Rather pastoral (literally and figuratively).