Thursday, September 2, 2010


Fern in the Community Forest
My friend Steve Catton heard from Thupten the other day. Steve reported that Thupten and his family are still living in a tent. They cook with sticks and whatever they can find. It sounds like they are roughing it. Their wounds are healing, and it has not yet turned cold. We think that Thupten is now able to access some of the funds that we sent him, but we are not positive about that. We do know that he was able to open a new bank account. The phone connection did not last long, and we did not get many more details.

Steve and I decided that we should get them a multi-fuel backpacker's stove because kerosene is available there. So I got them a stove, some light weight cooking pans, a donated water filter, some LED headlamps, batteries, more toiletry items, water bottles, duct tape, light rope, more clothing items, a Leatherman tool, water purification tablets, and other items. I shipped that package yesterday, and I hope it will get there next week.

A friend of Steve's is buying three zero degree sleeping bags. They were ordered, and should ship out by early next week. I am hoping that they will be able to buy warm clothing for the winter.

I want to thank all those whom have sent prayers, money, and items for our Ladakh friends. Every bit of this outpouring is appreciated by myself, and is fully felt by Thupten, Lhamo and Tenzin Angmo. The packages and monetary support lifts their spirits, and it does so for me as well.

Thank you, thank you.