Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Arcata Project

I hit the streets of Arcata again this morning to continue photographing the early morning city scenes. It was overcast, drippy, and dark. The light sources were the street and store lights, and a small, but ever increasing amount of ambient sky light. This mix of lighting created a unique pallet of color that I think typifies the Arcata mornings.

I started with longer shots, but it did not take me long to go in closer on some of the subjects. I am quite pleased with this shot. It makes me think of the Laurie Anderson song "The Day The Devil Comes To Get You".

I made it over to G Street, and to the Arcata Theater. I did some portrait shots of the theater before going in closer. I worked with the composition of the doors, but did not realize that there was more to be extracted from the scene until I got home to edit the photographs. I found a crop that I love, and I will go back soon to retake the tighter shots, but for now here it is.

This is another reason why I love the new camera. This shot is a very small part of the original shot (about 1/3). I still believe in getting the full frame for edition printing, but this would do in a pinch.

On Ninth Street I revisited "Smoochie Skin". I see that the building is now vacant, and I assume that Smoochie Skin is history (I do hope the people involved are doing well). I took some shots of the Arcata Fire Station and some more business on the south side of the plaza.

It was a quiet morning on the plaza today. A semi truck making deliveries to Brio, some travelers taking the Amtrak Bus out of town, a few parked cars, and not much else - just some old guy with his camera and tripod trying to be creative.