Friday, November 16, 2012


Fernbridge in the Morning Light, November 2012

This is an image that almost made the cut. I really like the overall feel of the hues and luminosity. The only thing that stopped me from printing it is that it was the first shot of the day, and I had the lens set to f4. As a result, the foreground is soft, and may be enough reason to reject it. Someday I may return to see if I can take it again with the proper settings.

So far this year, I have taken at least 7000 images. Many of them are duplicates from the bracketing process, and really should only count as one in three, so maybe I have actually composed 3000 images this year. My point is that I am fairly adept at working my camera, but I still sometimes mess up, and forget what mode the camera is set to. I rarely use an "auto" setting. I mostly use manual or aperture priority, but I still need to look and see what aperture/shutter-speed combination the camera is set to.

In the previous post, I shared an image from my Spirit Tree Series. That image is also soft. It is soft because the shutter speed was one-half of a second, and the camera moved during the exposure. There is nothing that I know of in Photoshop that can fix a problem like that. Fortunately, I had bracketed that image, and I was able to use the digital negative that was two stops darker. My camera's sensor had recorded enough data so that I was able to recover it in Light Room. The print looks really good - much sharper than the one on this blog.