Thursday, May 13, 2010


A passage way reveals itself
Dare I enter?

The mystery intrigues
The uncertainty brings fear
Should I embrace the unknown?
Or just pass this door?

I turn back
But I feel the pull

To pass this door is to be safe
Sure in the known

If I pass
Will I wonder

What was waiting for me?
Perhaps I will never know

I pause and listen
Inside a small voice beckons

With faith
I turn back toward the light

I leave fear at the threshold
And step through in peace

My Special Purpose

In my meditation this morning I asked “what is the higher purpose of this three week retreat?” I know that this time offered me opportunities to refine my photographic vision in that there were so many wonderful places to practice my craft. I feel that I took advantage of this experience to do just that. I think I have a collection of images of which I am sure I will find many keepers. I am looking forward to working with these and to print a portfolio from this time in New Mexico.

The greater gift of this three week experience is that I am experiencing a solid block of time where my ego has been held in its proper place – that of being subservient to my higher self (awareness). This has been a safe place to practice this state of awareness because I have been free of the “normal” things that would distract me from this state. It should serve as a reminder for me whenever Mr. Ego becomes boisterous that I can and have spent time being relatively ego-free, and that I can always reclaim that state of being.

So that is the bottom line. It is not about the photography. It has been about solidifying the control of my life, and accepting that I have done enough work to be able to at least for three weeks, live relatively ego-free. The photographs are part of the fruit of this labor, but so to is peace and understanding.

I have kept a journal for thirty years, but this is the first time that I have made it pubic. That is what this blog has been; an electronic journal. I trust that those who read these pages benefit from my experiences.