Sunday, June 12, 2011

Overcast Eureka Morning

The Schooner Saloon, Eureka 2011

I woke up around five-thirty. I was warm and I knew that I could just stay snuggled with my honey, but I made myself get up. I could tell that it was overcast, and that it was unlikely that I would find sunshine on the  photography outing that I was planning. It actually was not much of a plan. I grabbed my low-lead coffee, and headed out. I was not very energized, but I knew that if I persevered that I would find some nice images. I got to Eureka a little bit after six, and after a few moments of indecision, I parked and got to work.

I was near the Lloyd Building, and I only had to walk a few steps before I started seeing my photographs. I think the small amount of caffeine had kicked in, and most of the cobwebs were cleared from my head. I am amazed how quickly I started finding the shots.

It only took a few minutes before I decided that I would use the 17mm tilt/shift lens. I think I like to have manual focus as my only option. That I can magnify the image on the screen is a real asset for my style of shooting. I mostly focus on something in the foreground. Because I usually have the lens stopped down to about f16, and the inherent depth of field for a 17mm lens, I can expect acceptable sharpness for most of the image.

315 C Street, Eureka, 2011
Random Beauty