Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spirit In The Sky

Sunset of a Soul Set Free

You’ve been on my mind
Since you passed
I think of you when the wind blows
Or when I see a colorful sunset

I thought I saw you today at a National Park
She was a vision of a younger self
Before the tumors
And before the hospital

She had a daughter with her
Both were giggling as they sat at a picnic table
I wanted to say hello
I miss you

My brain told me that this person
Was not really you
But that she made me remember you
It was not my place to interrupt their special moment

I left and went on with my day
Photographing old churches
All the while reflecting on
How fortunate I am to be here

Later, I am still attune
Photographing the sunset and the clouds
Then a cloud reminds me of your painting of
A Soul Set Free

I see you
I feel your presence
I acknowledge your status
Fly free dear friend