Thursday, November 29, 2012


A Plough of Different Stripes, Portola 2012

Whereas the rotary plow throws snow out of its way, this one used brute force to shove the snow aside. I do not know which one would do the best job, and I imagine that it all depended on how much snow was on the tracks. While I worked on the railroad, we never used a plow. All most all of our locomotives that were used on the hill had built-in plows on the head-end. Besides, the Tehachapi Range seldom experienced really heavy snowfall. I imagine there were a few occasions where I was on the head-end whereby we pushed a little snow out of the way. If we did, it was not anything memorable.

This is an image that I am considering printing. It only has two stars out of four, and I will allow this one to ferment for awhile.