Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladakh Update

Happier Times

We received donations of cash and clothing for Thupten's family. I met with several people today, and we chose some basic clothing for each family member. We were able to get them boots, socks, under garments, pants, shirts, fleece pull overs, and jackets. We also shipped some basic toiletries. The shipping cost to Ladakh via airmail was over $300.00, but we felt it was necessary. Regular parcels take up to three months to get there, but these should make it in ten days. That is if they are even hauling mail to Ladakh. We were gifted with money to pay for the shipping. Thanks to all for your donations, and gifts. You are actualizing the business of "paying it forward". Thanks too to those who told me they want prints.

I try to imagine what my life would be like if some morning I am forced to run outside in the cold evening air with nothing on but bed clothing, and then to watch everything I own disappear. I wonder too what it must feel like to know that your neighbors were missing and likely at the bottom of huge mud flow.

The bigger picture for me is that Thupten and his family are three out of at least 17 million people in Asia who are affected by floods this year. There is a lot of misery to go around.