Friday, June 15, 2012



In my continuing theme on impermenance, I feel that I must acknowledge that there are varriables in the notion of what is perment and what is fleeting. Within a relatively short period of time this aircraft will no longer exist. Perhaps at that time ACV will no longer exist as an airport.

Whether the airport is gone then or not, the fog that develops there will still be forming, and the basic geography will be mostly the same. Add a thousand years to our timeline, and by then the geography will (by odds) have experienced at least one major earthquake. Depending on which nearby faults shift and when, the cross runway will have been split, the altitude of the airport will have changed, and a tsunami will have affected the local area with affects similar to that of the one that devastated Japan last year.

If we add a million years to our timeline we may see that the North Pacific Current would have shifted. If and when that happens the local geography will have radically changed because of the movement along the San Andreas Fault. The climate at what is now ACV will likely be different. I wonder if there would be life as we know it. Would there still be aircraft, and would there be anyone or any record of the events of WWII.