Monday, September 6, 2010

Ladakh Update

Thupten and a Friend in Leh 2008

I got a call  from Thupten a couple of days ago (he uses a borrowed cell phone). They are well, but it is getting colder, and living in the tent is becoming more difficult. The good news is that they received the second package which contained more clothing and toiletries. "The toilet paper is very useful."

I urged Thupten to buy a cell phone so that we can have a reliable method of speaking to him. I think he worries about costs of things, and I think he is reluctant to spend the money we sent him. I assured him that he should spend the money as he sees fit, and not feel that it is ours any longer (yes he can now access the funds). I told him about the third package that is now in route.

Thupten is considering taking his family to eastern India for the winter. He said the name of the place, but I could not understand. It is a holy place.

He expressed over and over his gratitude to all the support that they are receiving. I too thank you for all the assistance. This very real family is directly benefiting from all of our generosity and support.

Tenzin Angmo 2008