Monday, May 3, 2010

Picking Myself Back Up After Stumbling

The past few days were stormy and cold here in Santa Fe. The contrast from just a couple of days ago is very dramatic. We went from basking in seventy degree weather to bundling up with jackets and gloves. It seems like my energy followed the weather.

I am not as calm as I was a couple of days ago. The bliss was supplanted by a duller sort of feeling. Not a bad feeling – just one with less luster. I think there are two issues working on me. The first is that I am trying to decide which camera to purchase. I am working every angle possible on making the decision. I have very specific needs, and a limited budget, so I know that whatever I decide on will be with me for quite a long time. It is just that I spent lots of energy and time on that task when I could be reading, meditating, photographing and so on. I will get that sorted out easily enough.

The other issue dragging me down is some of my experiences on Face Book. My use of Face Book was kind of fun at first. I reconnected with some people from my past, and I liked using the chat function. What became troubling to me is that there seemed to be quite a bit of acrimony on many the postings. I even started getting invidious comments from “friends” of friends. They were not messages that came from a place of reason nor did they promote the greater good. I didn’t even have any ideas as to who these people were that were invading my walking meditation. I just knew that I did not have the ability to shed the negativity. There was only one way for me to regain my bliss. So I pulled the plug on Face Book.

I know too that in the ideal, we all need to take stands where we know that the truth must be told. I am grateful that there are those who are doing so now. It is just that this is neither my venue nor my time to do so. I have been derailed from my current mission, and I need to get back on task. I will continue to reveal my truth through my photographs. That is the way for me, and now I can get back to doing that. I feel that images such as my Spirit Tree Series convey some of the essence that we are all interconnected. I say it in best in my images, but not in a confrontational manner.

Now I know that ideally I should step up and be present in this situation and let my light shine. I firmly believe that one may change the energy of a given situation by manifesting godliness. I just don’t feel like Superman, and I don’t want to take on that task right now when I am on another.

I came to New Mexico for several reasons, but one of the primary reasons is so that I may strengthen my connection to Spirit. Another related reason for my being here is so that as my spiritual connection grows, I will be more attune and in the zone when it comes to my art. Both of the above mentioned issues were hindering these quests.