Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Tao of Smoochie Skin


In yesterday's blog entry I posted that I rephotographed "Smoochie Skin" (a small shop on Ninth Street just off of the plaza in Arcata). I first photographed it April 7th of this year. That was the first time that I ever knew of its existence. I was drawn to its small size, and pleasant colors in the early morning light of that Spring morning.

Yesterday while photographing on Ninth Street, I noticed that the sign was gone and that the shop was empty, and likely closed for good. That got me wondering. Who were the players involved, and for how long did Smoochie Skin exist?

I did a search for it on the Internet, but came away empty-handed. That helped to increase my curiosity about this little shop. I don't really know why I am interested in this story. I doubt that I would ever have gone into the store unless I was searching for something to buy for a present, and then I would have had to have known that the store ever existed.

This is an example of why I like the project that I am working on - documenting the store fronts of our small city. I am sure that most of us will live long and fulfilled lives without having ever known what happened to Smoochie Skin. I think that this story could represent some of our lives. Some of us make a big splash, and others just come and go.

Anyhow, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, and to digest the lesson that Smoochie Skin has for me - once I find out what that lesson is.