Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Photography is all about light. That has been the rule since the beginning. Light is about mood, and that too, for me, has been the rule. I am affected by light in much of what I do. My vision as an artist is about form, mood, color, brightness and darkness, and the overall but unspoken emotions that a particular scene brings to my awareness. Or does my awareness bring the mood?

When I took this photograph, I was deeply connected to what I was seeing and feeling. I was drawn to the Lamy Station because it was close and handy to where I was staying. I was also drawn because of my love of trains, and by my habit of photographing older buildings and structures.

I brought my personal history along with me, and that coupled with what I was seeing allowed for me the opportunity to interpret the place, the lighting, the aesthetics, and the mood into compositions. It was not until the past few days that I was able to bring all those elements together in an image that I think conveys what I wish to say about that day and that place and about myself.

This process brings to me a sort of "full-circle" completion. Working with this image, I am drawn back in time and space Lamy, New Mexico on May 6, 2010. I then bring that connection into the present, and allow for some magic to occur.

I think this is what most artist do with their creations. I am sure that what I experience is completely different than what others see and feel, but I think that they do see, feel and react. If so I succeeded.