Saturday, April 7, 2012



I am starting to see a pattern in my current vision. I was not thinking that I needed to continue finding compositions that include parking meters - it just happens that way. As I look at these images from Thursday morning, I am again realizing that when I get in the "groove" while photographing, that it just starts to flow. To paraphrase Minor White "something else enters into the process" - a third aspect that is created by the subject, and the photographer. As I photograph, my busy mind becomes quiet, and the camera becomes a window to a vision that eludes my normal vision.

I realize that this "extrasensory" element of my art making is capable of transcending time and space. What I mean is that as I work the image in my digital darkroom I come back into a sort of time warp that allows for the magic and mood of the time and place of the photograph to come back into my awareness. I sense too, that the developing process allows for further statements from the subject. It is as if the subject has more to say, and that it is my job to open up a line of communication that allows for that to happen.