Monday, July 29, 2013


Pecos Ruins as Critiqued at RCC

This image has been in my portfolio for six years. I showed this version at Redwood Camera Club this past Saturday. What I took from the critique was that it could stand some cropping of the foreground. Below are several variations.
Pecos Ruins Variation 01

In this version the subject is now off center, and nearly in the lower third quadrant. Perhaps I took it too far.
Pecos Ruins Variation 02

In this variation, I backed off of the crop to include more of the foreground foliage.
Pecos Ruins Variation 03

I suppose that I could go on and on. I do think the crop needs to place the subject into the corner. I would love some feedback.


  1. My preference is for the original. All the cropped versions tell a much nicer, cleaner story. The ratty foreground gives a really good contrast to the subject.

  2. I'm not sure i like the cropped versions. The clouds change and so do the shrubs on the left. If anything I would crop a little on the bottom and not change anything else. Cropping even less then in version 2.
    Sharon F-C