Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Windswept, at Palmer Point

I took my camper van to Patrick's Point State Park last Sunday. I stayed at a wonderful site in the Abalone Campground. This trip was something that I thought would be satisfying on several levels. One of those levels was the notion that staying there would help me become immersed in the essence of the park. I think that aspect worked. I was alone, and I did not have many conversations. I was free to look, smell, listen and think about that place.

I know that doing so gets me to a mental, physical, and spiritual place wherein my senses come forward, and my thinking is removed to the background. I slowly move toward a quite place in my mind.

I think that my expectations for this small trip were fulfilled. I intended to "test" the camper van, and my preparedness. I wanted to see if I could get to a place of heightened nearness. I think on both counts that I succeeded. I can see more readily that subsequent trips have great potential.

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  1. Gorgeous image. Congratulations on a successful trip.