Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Emergence, 2012

This image along with two others were my submissions to The Northwest Eye, a juried show sponsored by the Humboldt Arts Council. All three of my works did not make the cut.

Not feeling rejected is the issue that I am working on. I prepared myself to accept that I could not only not win any awards, but that my work could be "juried out". I must admit that I do not feel all that bad. I felt much worse the last time that this happened. Yes, two years ago, I received a "best of show" in this exhibit, and of course I was elated. The lesson for me is to be neither upset or elated in any of these situations. In that regard, I am making progress.

Later: I went to pick up my work, and we could only find two of the three. We finally found the third - on the wall in the gallery. They missed including it in the accepted list. My attitude has shifted since this morning, but not as much as it would have a year ago. Nonetheless, I do feel better.

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