Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Unnamed Spirit Tree Series Candidate, November 2012

I took this image Sunday at Prairie Creek State Park in an area that I have been working since 2006. Discovering the tree's secrets requires that I must let go of any thought. I have to attune myself to the forest. I can only do that when I let go of any expectations, and I must quite my mind.

I can do these things in the forest. I attempt to do so at home in meditation, and sometimes I get to a quietness in my mind, but it is fleeting. Whereas, when I am in the woods seeking the secrets of the trees with my camera, I come into a place of quiet peace.

I am considering showing this along with the rest of the Spirit Tree Series in my little gallery for the next month. I think the series now comprises of about fourteen images, and that it has become a cohesive little show.

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