Sunday, March 4, 2012


I took this image a year ago in February. I printed and exhibited it last year in a couple of galleries. The difference is that I was showing it as a black and white print. This particular rendition, is actually a color image and not a toned black and white. I chose to interpret it in this manner so that I actually could have some subtle shades of green and yellow. The print looks even nicer!


This is my black and white version of the same photograph. Upon looking at it here I realize why I did work it in black and white. The print I have of this is all right, but it does not sing to me in the manner that I think it can. I think I will reprint it on the Canson paper that I am now using, and I suspect that the image will have a greater sense of life.

One small point I will make is that both of the above photographs are cropped from a slightly larger image. They were cropped almost a year apart, yet the crop is nearly identical. I suppose some things don't evolve at the same rate as others.

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