Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dancing Fairy Trees

I took this image a year ago. I sat with it for all these months, but I did not know what to do with it. It was very challenging to take. I was hand-holding the camera. It was after sunset, and I had to set the ISO to 12,800. Whenever I looked at the raw file, I would remember the magic of that evening at Stone Lagoon, but I could not get a grip on how to make a print that would convey what I felt at that time. 

Well, I figured it out this afternoon. I am very pleased with how it looks on the screen, and fairly happy with the print I just made. I printed it 9.5"x 15", and it does show the noise, but it does have a nice look. I will put it under glass and in a frame tomorrow, and I bet it will look stunning.

I also worked the image in black and white, and may print it tomorrow. I think it is a toss up as to which is the most successful image at conveying something I have been trying to say with a camera for over twenty years. Yea!

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