Monday, April 11, 2011

Prairie Creek Sunday Outing

One of the things that I really like about going north is that some the things I most like to photograph are near Prairie Creek State Park.

I have even started photographing structures in Orick. There are only a few more that claim my interest, but it is still a joy to be able to stop and take some time with what I see there. Back when I was working, and driving through Orick,  I saw some of these photographs, but I never felt free to stop and take the time to photograph them.
Orick Presbyterian Church, April 2011
The same thing is true for when I was driving through Prairie Creek State Park in a work vehicle. I would see these "Spirit Trees" and wish for the opportunity to spend time with them so that I could "feel their energy" and find the compositions that I would briefly see while driving by.
Spirit Tree Series, April 2011

I figured that the alder trees all ready started to leaf out, and that there was only a slim chance that there would be anything of photographic interest for me from them (but that is fine since I am pleased with the images that I got on my last trip north). So I looked at a grove of what I think are big leaf maples. I studied these for years, and yesterday I felt as if I was closing in on what I had been visualizing. The above image is a representative of what I saw for all those years when I drove through.

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