Saturday, February 19, 2011

Closed and Locked Doors

Tonight's Supper

This morning I went into a couple of encampments in the Eureka area. I was escorted by a couple of men whom offered to share some of their life's stories with me. I initially had a lot of trepidation about doing this. My fears of interacting with the "homeless" was fueling my fears. What got me through my fears and into "my groove" was when I realized that I just had to view everyone with whom I interact through the eyes of Godliness.

Cannot Go Here

I am very pleased to report that I had a very sucessful outing. I did see each individual as I think God would - free of judgment, and through the eyes of unconditional LOVE. I got quite a few very nice portraits of some individuals, and I even received an open invitation to return to one camp.

I cannot share the portraits, because I don't have any agreements yet with the subjects. If I do get the agreements I will post some here.

Right now on A Prairie Home Companion a choir is singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, and it reminds me that my prime directive in this life is to become as God. I am grateful for the opportunity to face my fears.

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  1. Thomas...the Godliness of your inner eye shines in all this work...the stillness in each image reminds me to be still...the movement reminds me to breathe...Om Shanti Om Shanti Om...